What I’ve Learned So Far In 2012 (and it’s only January)

  1. The new mortgage tax added to today’s interest rates, implemented by Congress to help pay for the payroll tax extension, will aid the housing market. If that is what they are telling us it must be true.
  2. The sinking cruise liner in Italy is a parable to the European markets. Much of the crew,including the Captain jumped ship (oops, I meant tripped) before the passengers. So much for women and children first or paying customers.
  3. These candidates are the best the Republicans have to offer? Really?
  4. Do not drive under the influence of cold medicine in Arizona. If stopped you could get a DUI (driving under the influence). That Nyquil on the seat beside me? It’s not mine, man.
  5. The “first-time” home buyer tax credit from 2009/2010 may be contributing to the FHA defaults. The borrowers received cash from Uncle Sam, but when the money ran out and their homes continued to slide underwater, they began to bail. No skin in the game. No wonder I still drink boxed wine.
  6. Fannie/Freddie are considering selling blocks of homes to investors (including buyers from Canada,China, Australia, Mexico), therefore the new foreign landlords can rent them back to Americans. What happened to revitalizing neighborhoods with the American Dream of Home Ownership?
  7. Canada is not in a housing bubble although their housing prices continue to rise and the interest rates are low. If that is what they tell us, it must be true, eh.
  8. Do not judge entertainment by its black and white, silent cover. “The Artist” is a good movie.
  9. Moving a company is painful. A bonfire would have been easier, but it was a no-burn day. Hopefully we will not need to do it again for another 17 years.
  10. HARP 2 will roll out the Fannie/Freddie refinance program with no appraisal and no income verification….if that is what they tell us it must be true.


Diane Gerdes