Charlie Sheen, Muammar Gaddafi and Uncle Sam walk into a bar.   Who will pay? Gaddafi hates America so much that all of his money is tied

Speaking of jobs, the employment picture is brightening.  Over the past three months the number of individuals without jobs has had the most dramatic drop in 28 years.  The national unemployment rate is down to 8.9%.  Although, math is proving difficult for U. S. Department of Labor, who re-adjusted Arizona’s unemployment figures moving them upward.

Manufacturing is beginning to rebound.  Industrial production is picking up.  The more we shop at malls and export to our global neighbors, the more manufacturing will continue to increase.   Autos sales are bouncing back with their amazing prices and low interest rates.   And how many I-Pads will be sold next week?

How are the other countries doing?  Brazil has surpassed France and England to become the world’s fifth largest economy, behind America, China, Japan and Germany.  Gold mines, oil and economic strategies have propelled Brazil from an emerging economy into the top five.   Years ago they cloned generic drugs from American Pharmaceutical companies and distributed free HIV medications to infected individuals, therefore circumventing a national health disaster.  Brazil is also in the middle of a housing boom, with interest rates at the 10% level (my clients cry like babies at 5%).

The American Economy is continuing to improve.  Even with our financial meltdown and foreign policy missteps our country’s economic model is the envy of all countries and has been for the past 60 years.  There is no reason to think that it will not continue, unless our leaders start calling talk radio hosts or twittering for a raise.

Eric McAllister