Good morning, I am April Gerdes with The Mortgage Advantage, and I would like to talk about volunteering this morning.  With our economy in the position it is – how could you not be a little frustrated? Sad? Or maybe even a little depressed.  Whether you are a real estate agent, and you have had more deals fall apart than


When there is a direct relationship between any of the parties to a real estate transaction, (including borrower, client, employer, lender, broker, appraiser, seller or builder) the transaction will be considered non-arm’s length. An Arm’s Length transaction would then be a transaction where all the parties involved are entirely independent of each other and have no reason for collusion. Who

I Just Short Sold My Home

When can I buy a new home?

The calls are coming in from former short sale homeowners that now want to reenter the housing market. The rumor that FHA will finance homes immediately after a short sale is as likely as Lindsay Lohan staying out of jail. FHA Mortgagee Letter 09-52, is very specific on their guidelines (I know, it shocked me, too, a government mandate that is clear and concise).